Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tattly: Designy Temporary Tattoos

My indecisive heart is definitely smitten over these quirky and adorable temporary tattoos from Tattly. A pain-free, cheap and chic alternative to the real thing, each Tattly tat is a mere $5 and come in pairs of two with free shipping within the US (though not such great news for those of us north of the boarder…but c’est la vie)

Can’t decide on just one? Browse their selection of prepackaged sets.

Smitten designed by Lila Symons  |   Sunglasses designed by Julia Rothman  |  Tattone designed by Josh Smith  |  Arrows designed by Wesley Stuckey  |  Diamonds designed by Kate Bingaman Burt  |  Popsicles designed by Julia Rothman  |  Cupcake desigend by Julia Rothman  |  Freindship Bracelet desigend by Julia Rothman