Thursday, 28 January 2016

e-design: decorating with special pieces

What would our homes be if it weren’t for those pieces that trigger special memories? From small mementos or souvenirs from a fabulous trip, the first piece of ‘grownup’ artwork you purchased, a gift from someone special, or an heirloom passed down throughout your family. Filling your home with special pieces adds personality and creates a sense of comfort and coziness you can’t replicate with showroom pieces or Homesense finds.

Last semester our class got the chance to work with a client who was interested in renovating her kitchen. The house itself was nearly 15 years old and still had many of the original fixtures and finishes. While meeting with her to discuss her wish list, the topic of her kitchen table came into the conversation—did she want to keep it or replace with something new? A simple enough question, however her tearful reaction told us this piece was special. It had belonged to her mother, who had recently passed and although she liked the table, it was old and had a watermark on the top.

Anything that holds a special memory or has a story behind it is worth incorporating into your home’s d├ęcor—even if it requires a quick touch-up or refinishing. For our client’s table, I included the current table in my proposal. I proposed painting it a matte white, adding a set of four upholstered chairs and updating the light fixture with something a little more glamourous, transforming her breakfast nook into something that felt more luxurious and special. 

Her mother's table wasn't a family heirloom, but it was definitely a piece that triggered strong memories and feelings. Below is the before shot of her mother's table, a popular style that can be found in many kitchens. Spraying the table and incorporating it in her new kitchen allows her to hang on to the table for as long as she needs to. Down the road she may decide to replace it, but until then, she can enjoy her morning coffee sitting at the same table her mom had enjoyed.