Friday, 17 January 2014

before + after: the [almost complete] gallery wall

After an unintentionally long hiatus from my blog, I've finally buckled down and rounded up a few pictures of my (still in progress) gallery wall. Although some of the frames my still be empty, the fact that after months and months of humming and hawing I actually managed to put a nail in the wall is a major milestone for my little apartment.

#1. Decide on a layout before you nail.
I laid all of my frames out on the carpet before hanging.
By doing this, I was able to make a few edits to the frames I had initially wanted and replaced with some older ones I dug out of my closet (and by closet, I actually mean the garbage bin in my building...who threw out those red and yellow metal frames? Crazies.)

#2. Try to use a level.
Because I'm lazy and my local Dollar Store didn't have any in stock, I skipped on the level. If you're a perfectionist, this will likely drive you crazy. Since I am not, I am OK with slightly crooked and uneven lines--adds character.

Next challenge: Finding a way to hide those pesky cables and cords.

Had to include an adorable cameo of my new pup Maggie! Check my Instagram for an obsessive amount of pictures of her.