Saturday, 12 November 2016

One Room Challenge - Guest Room - Week 1 to 6

Pardon the fuzzy pics and complete lack of follow-through with that previous post where I explained [what I thought was going to be] my second ORC project. The initial plan was to do something new with my parents' bedroom, but we had some trouble pinning down exactly what we wanted. And rather than rush through the project (since mid-challenge we were still stuck on concept) we decided to give the guest room a quick face lift.

The guest room is on the main floor of my parents' home, next to the main washroom visitors and guests use. The door to this room is usually open and in clear view when going upstairs or standing in the kitchen. So, it was important that it look welcoming, cute and slightly nautical/cottage-y to match the vibe of the (soon-to-be-completed) rest of the house.

Scroll to the bottom to check out the before pics and some of the finishing details. Including the teeny tiny budget we managed to work with!

As always, a huge thank you goes out to Linda for organizing the One Room Challenge. Twice a year she brings together over 200 guest participants (like myself) and 20 featured bloggers to redecorate a room in six short weeks. You can view the guest participants by click here and view the featured bloggers here.

 Before + Progress Pics

Above: In the end, my inspiration pillow turned out to be not quite right. But it did influence me to buy some gorgeous drapes. 

Below: We tested out some Benjamin Moore paint swatches and settled on the lovely Wickham Gray. 

I'm happy to report that we spent around $350 finishing this room. We shopped around the house and in storage to furnish the space, only buying a new set of drapes and hardware at homeSense for around $50. The remaining budget went to trim, paint and supplies! Not bad.