Saturday, 10 January 2015

mood board: study space

And another school project makes its way into a post :)My favourite project this past semester involved finding some real-life clients with a space in need of some finessing. My sister and her hubs gladly volunteered their time and space for the assignment, and after a few quick interviews and assessments, I put together a few mood boards with ideas and options for their bachelor-style apartment. 
One of the mood boards featured a functional new study space for my sister against a 5-foot wall that juts out between the bedroom area and living room. Being a medical student, most of her time is spent reading, listening to online lectures, and whatever else being a med student entails. This layout allowed for a space to properly set up the desk, shelving for storage and displaying favourite objects, a spot for her waterfall bookshelf, and some fun ways to accessorize it (ie the DIY chair). Painting stripes onto the wall would be a cheap, chic and renter-friendly way to differentiate the space from the rest of the apartment and help her get into the mindset of studying (hopefully!)