Monday, 30 May 2016

ikea hacks: billy bookcase built-ins

One of my favourite decor features are built-ins. Not only are they multi-functionaloffering precious storage and space to display your favourite books, family photos, souvenirs, etc.but they can add value to your home, giving it the look of a custom build. If you don't have a carpenter in the family, built-ins may seem like an expensive and daunting task, however, one of my favourite Ikea hacks to peruse on Pinterest is the millions of different ways people are transforming the Billy Bookcase to look like a built-in.We attempted this in my parent's previous house, installing a set of wall to wall bookcases with doors in the dining room. We were looking for extra storage since both myself and my Bubi had moved in, bringing a lot of our belongings with us. These units held a ton of stuff, and kept things accessible when we needed them, or hidden when not in use. For some reason I never took a picture of them styled and in use, but managed to snap the below shot just before we moved. 

Now that we've officially moved everything into our new house, my parents and I are hoping to use the Billy Bookcase once again to create built-ins in our kitchen/dining space as well as a pair to sit on either side of the soon-to-be-built fireplace in the living room. Our first experience with the Billy was good, but I think we can customize them even more to look less like the Ikea staple and more like a custom piece of millwork. 

As inspiration, I've rounded up my favourite 5 Billy Bookcase hacks:

Bliss at Home via BHG Blog 

 Orlando Soria via Lonny 

 Suzanne's Colour in Harmony Room via Apartment Therapy 

Laura's Living Room via The Makerista 

Love these, but cannot find a source -- if anyone knows where they're from please let me know so I can credit them. 

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