Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Inspiration: 5 Times Over-sized Art Trumped the Gallery Wall

I love a good gallery wall, but I'm thinking 2017 will be the year I begin thinking about investing in some large-scale artwork. Not necessarily anything that breaks the bank, but a piece that can help to give interest and depth to an otherwise neutral space and really make a statement. Not to knock the gallery wall, but there is a fine line between clean and cluttered, and a gallery wall can easily become the latter if not careful. With one large piece of artwork, you'll be less likely to make a design faux-pas and instead make the chicest of statements.

Although I'm usually drawn to those vintage landscapes with big (borderline gaudy) frames you find at thrift shops, I'm loving the way these abstract prints bring a little unexpected edge to an otherwise tame vignette.

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Monday, 9 January 2017

Inspiration: 5 Home Office Spaces You'll Actually Want to Spend Time In

My Christmas break is officially over. It's back to the grind (aka school) for the final semester of my three-year break from adulting and the beginning of what I hope to be a long and exciting career path in Interior Decorating and Kitchen Design!

To ease the transition of having had three glorious weeks worth of lounging around and doing nadda, into what will likely be a hit-the-ground-running type of January, I'm in need of inspiration to get my work space looking like a place I want to spend some serious hours in. I had a great setup in our last house, with a fun little live mood board, but this time around I'm hoping for something a little less fussy and time-consuming that I can easily pull together.

Storage and shelving are always a must (gotta have space for my chachkies and books), I have my rattan chair that I still love and want to keep, plus my faithful Besta Burs Ikea (best investment) and just some pretty things to stare at while I think about all the things I would rather be doing than sitting at a desk struggling to finish a project at 3:32 am.

Alright. Enough slacking, time to get to work...and by 'get to work' I really just mean stare at pretty pictures of home offices I found on the internet...

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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Sponsored Post: Great Gift Ideas from UncommonGoods

Ya’ll know that thing that happens when the holidays have just ended and you’re calmly settling into the new year and then BAM, someone’s birthday, engagement, housewarming etc. hits you, and you find yourself in need of a gift. You’re not ready to step back into a mall (the nightmares of lineups, crowds and dry mall air are still too real), so you decide to hit the interweb in search of something special.

With your web browser open and recipient in mind, if you're anything like me, you typically go blank at this stage of the online shopping process. Enter UncommonGoods, a handy online shop that not only offers unique and meaningful gifts, but is also a shop that has made sustainability a focus for their business. Offering an eclectic mix of products, with many made from recycled materials and in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Alongside many of the items you’ll find  a head shot of the maker along with a bio and inspiration behind the product. When it comes to gifting your item, you can always pass along what you’ve learned about their gift, which adds to the thoughtfulness and will likely turn your gift into a true conversation piece. Plus these little tidbits from the maker are just kinda cool and interesting to read about. 

As with any site, there is always lots to see and search, but UncommonGoods makes it easy on you with curated gift-giving lists based on occasion or person. Not sure what you get your sister for her birthday? You’ll want to start here, and those Birthstone Mineral Soaps make a great add-on to whatever you choose. In need of something for your team of groomsmen? You’ll want to check this page out, and take note of those Scotch Infused Toothpicks and Beer Soap Sets.  Stumped on an anniversary gift? The RememoryGame is a sweet and simple choice, while that personalized Hearts Four-Across Game is perfect for family game night but will also look cute just sitting on your bookshelf. 

Naturally, I combed the Home Decor and Kitchen pages, and have found many many many many things that I'd love receive (and of course gift...) and rounded up a small sampling below. 

Soapstone & Copper Saute Pan, Pizza Pan and Stew Pot  /  Hot and Cold Soapstone Handheld Bowls  /  Cacti Canisters  /  Nesting Lotus Bowls  /  Birdhouse Bookshelf  /  Floral Garden Felt Table Runner  /  Wood and Ceramic Tumblers

** Special thanks to UncommonGoods for sponsoring this post. Despite the partnership, all thoughts, ideas and products selected are my own**