Monday, 28 July 2014

so styled: let's do lunch?

Since starting my blog I’ve always wanted to curate and style a post. Past posts have always been created as more of an afterthought—the result of me farting around my apartment arranging and rearranging something until it stopped annoying me, and then realizing I should probably take a picture for the sake of updating my blog. The pictures are usually grainy, taken at odd hours of the day/night, sometimes taken with my phone and “edited” with an Instagram filter, and are kind of just good enough for the moment.

This post was different. I actually went shopping for this post. Purchases included: one over-priced loaf of (deliciously) crusty artisanal bread, one single linen napkin found on clearance at Pier 1, two sets of salt and pepper shakers (also from Pier 1. And yes, I purchased two because I wasn’t sure which set would work best) and one lovely cloth placemat from Target. Everything else I found in my cupboards or the back of my fridge (I honestly don’t remember buying that lemon, but was so glad to find it).

I arranged everything on Saturday afternoon, but knew I wouldn’t be shooting anything until I had that perfect amount of just-right natural lighting, which I assumed would stream in through the kitchen at noon on Sunday

And because I had already invested all of this time and money setting up the picture, I decided to read the camera manual (something I had never done before). It proved to be helpful, since the picture isn’t blurry. One thing I will keep in mind for next time, is to watch out for embarrassing reflections in the silverware—despite looking perfectly bronzed, it is definitely not a flattering view of my thighs.

And yes, there will be a next time because I actually had way too much fun doing this, and have already decided the next one will be themed around this adorable lobster-shaped bottle opener I have....