Saturday, 17 August 2013

before & after: that time i painted a nightstand

My mom bought this little bookshelf at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store (which 90% of my furniture is from) for about $15. Thinking it would make the perfect bedside table for my new room, she hauled it down to Toronto pre-sanded (she's the best!) and only needing a "little" paint. 

One impulsive visit to Home Depot later, my bedroom was sporting a Plumage accent wall (Martha Stewart) and a Lemon Sorbet (Behr) table with seven coats of paint. Apparently yellow is a tricky colour to paint....

Don't mind the fuzzy picture above, it was snapped on my phone after a late-night impromptu re-do of my room. I had just finished painting my new bedside table and wanted to see what my tester-sized pot of blue paint would look like on the wall--one thing led to another and I had to send a pic to my mom :)

This little project was inspired by a handful of colourful pins, a few of my faves are below:

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