Saturday, 9 November 2013

diy canvas + saturday morning light

My [not-so] new apartment has tons of wall space and natural lightsomething the old place had been lacking. And this morning I took advantage of both to create an easy piece of wall art with matching pic for the blog

The art was pretty simple to create and cost under $25 in total. I purchased an over-sized canvas from Michael's for under $20, black craft paint and a new package of assorted paintbrushes from the dollar store . The one and only step for this project is to cover the canvas with short brush strokes—which took about 40 minutes. And voila! Cheap, easy and adorable. 

Where did this morning's motivation come from? Well, this week I started a new ecourse with Decor8's Holly Becker, Blogging with Intention and Style. I'm hoping it will give me that extra kick in the butt to continue with my posts and also a little help with my photos.

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  1. Lovely. That's a great quick tip to make our places nicer :)

    Usha, your virtual classmate from Brazil