Wednesday, 27 April 2016

One Room Challenge: Week Four DIY'ing

Seems like it was only yesterday that I posted about Week 3....

Week Four was definitely productive, which is a good thing, considering there are only 2 more weeks to finish this little bedroom! Have you been following along with the One Room Challenge? Hosted by Linda of Calling it Home, she has challenged 20 Featured Designers along with 200+ Guest Participants to completely revamp a room in their home (or in some cases, a client's home). The hitch? We've only got six short and sweet weeks to finish the project.

If you'd like to catch up on the progress of my bedroom you can do so here:

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Week Three: Accessories 

This week is all about the DIYs. First up is a project that is pretty near and dear to my heart. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have already gotten a glimpse of these beautiful night stands. They had belonged to my Bubi, who passed away just after Christmas. Her apartment was always packed with beautiful pieces of furniture, dishware, accessories, clothes, etc. And I always loved going through her cupboards and admiring her things. She was a storyteller and loved to give me the history of everything she had and now, more than ever, I am thankful she did.

She had always had these night stands in her bedroom, and I assumed that they were always yellow. However, after going through old family pics I had spotted them in a shot from the late 80's and realized they were originally cream, but had yellowed with age (and likely a glaze of nicotine).

Initially I wasn't sure where I wanted to keep these night stands, but now that I will be moving into a much smaller bedroom, these are the perfect size for my ORC room.

This past semester our class was introduced to local designer, Cathy Plum-Kleiser and her line of Peony and Plum Dust Paint. Similar to chalk paint, Cathy's line of furniture paint requires virtually no prep work. YEAH, that's right. No sanding or priming! Just a quick wash with TSP, let your piece dry, and then you're off! Once you've applied your first coat, you can apply a second coat in the same colour or a contrasting colour(s). I am painting my room in Benjamin Moore's colour of the year, Simply White, so I wanted to keep the tables in a similar shade. Cathy recommended going a shade darker then Simply White and colour matched a jar of paint in Benjamin Moore's Moonlight White for me. I applied two coats of the same colour, and sanded some of the edges so the original paint could be seen, then did a little extra sanding on some edges that went right to the wood.

When I first started painting I got a little worried that I was changing the tables and taking away some of their charm. It wasn't until I started roughing them up with the sandpaper that they began to have a little more character, and looked more like those beaten-up night stands I was used to. 

I even had a little "moment" after pulling out one of the drawers and finding a half-eaten roll of Mentos mints, something my Bubi always had in her purse. My mom and I took it as a sign that she was okay with what I had done to her beloved tables :)  

And voila! A little preview of what's to come. Will be finishing them both with beeswax, and using their original hardware. 

For more Peony & Plum inspiration, check out their collection of furniture at Castle & Park's online shop


  1. That's great that you are able to reuse something from someone dear to you! And it's good that she "approves" of the change!