Sunday, 22 October 2017

Week 3 - One Room Challenge - DIY-ing + Potential TV Stand

Guys, I would be lying if I said I wasn't stressing about the ORC...

On Monday my dad and I will be heading up to Milton to pick up the trim and moulding Metrie has graciously given us for this challenge. And I am hopeful that once we start to hang the trim, the space will come together quickly...wishful thinking?

For this space, I don't feel as though I need to purchase too much new stuff. I have a MILLION pillows to choose from and some artwork and accessories that will lend themselves nicely to this new space. One thing I have been on the hunt for is a new TV stand. This morning I was perusing my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and found exactly what I was envisioning (rare!). I took the measurements, since the TV wall is sloped and this buffet was much taller than my ikea unit, I was pretty doubtful it would fit, BUT IT DID! The only problem is now I have to wait until Monday for them to reopen and hope that it is still there. Fingers are crossed!

See how pretty?

I am also experimenting with a DIY wall sconce kit that I picked up at Michaels this week. I'm struggling to make it look pretty and not like a Pinterest fail. The lamp shad is a metal cage that I plan to spray white, and string with wooden beads and then spray the entire thing white again. Seems pretty easy and basic, but it's looking a little messy at the moment. The ingredients are below, but the step by step directions are heading back to the drawing board. I am determined this will work, because it looks fab in my mind, but we shall see!

I'm looking forward to heading into week 4 and hopefully sharing some trim pics and doing some paint tester pots!

Thank you again to our lovely host Linda of Calling it Home, for hosting the ORC and bringing together 200+ bloggers, design pros and design enthusiasts. 

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