Sunday, 22 June 2014

Dingy Old Dresser Gets a Makeover

Unfortunately I am sans ‘before’ picture for this post – but you must trust that this was a good one. Not only did we sand through several chipped and bubbly layers of paint, but a little extra elbow grease was needed to remove the phrase ‘This dresser sucks’ which had been un-lovingly etched onto the top of the dresser. A few good slathers of ‘Berrylicious’ pink, some new knobs from Anthro, this ‘sucky’ dresser became my bedroom’s focal point.

As most of my DIY projects begin, my mom rescued this little beauty from the Re-Store for under $20. At almost 4-feet high and 1 ½ -feet wide—she knew it would be a great storage piece for a small space. And right she was, because I’ve managed to hide/organize clutter that had been filling up my closet. It is also doing double-duty as my night stand, since the one I was previously using (shown here) looked adorable, but the lack of storage and hiding spaces made it always appear messy.

Lamp – Unknown / prints: Mayan Calendar – a souvenir from Mexico; Bear – Urban Outfitters (Christmas gift from my sister!) / Monogram A – Chapters Indigo /  Jewellery Dish – Chapters Indigo (very old and no longer available) / Dresser Knobs – Anthropologie 

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