Sunday, 22 June 2014

Garbage Finds: I Love Lamp

Since adopting my dog, Maggie, my walk-around-the-block count has gone from zero to a billion in just a few months. This has been great for my waistline, stress –and apartment; because my garbage finds have gone from picking up random pieces of furniture my fellow neighbours don’t want to now picking up the things my ritzy Forest Hill neighbours don’t want—and my ritzy neighbours have had some good stuff!

Exhibit A: My brass globe lamp that likely spent an evening outdoors on the curb. Bringing it in was risky, since it probably had water damage and I’m convinced I could’ve been electrocuted. Thankfully the garbage gods were on my side, and after dragging it up three flights of stairs and giving it a few days to ‘dry out’ I plugged the bad-boy in and have been enjoying it ever since.

My new find increased in personal value when I spotted him in one of my favourite design sites, Lonny, as a Trend We Love feature.

Also worth mentioning: Those new $19 curtains from Target <3   

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